10 Day self-isolation journal

COVID-19, 2020, defined by self-isolation, economic standstill and toilet paper. Anxiety, sadness, frustration is at an all-time high in an already divided world. We bought into the idea that "every person for themself" is the only way to succeed in a cutthroat world. All of a sudden, our "normal" is interrupted without warning. Kids stay home from school, parents work from home if possible, and get-togethers cancelled. Airports are closed, travel restricted and curfew enforced in certain parts of the world; we come face to face with our mortality and that of those we love. In crises, two things reveal themselves for all the world to see. The spotlight shines bright on who we are and who other people are. The noise updates from news networks, influencers on social media or those who want to make a quick dollar dominate the airwaves and, in turn, control our brainwaves or way of thinking. Throughout history, we read about all kinds of people - those who survived famine, war, genocide and epidemics. One thing that they all have in common, although not always at the same intensity is the mental strength to survive. Whatever that means for them at that moment. Our brains are designed to help us survive, and we switch over to the primitive reaction of a fight or flight reaction. Mental health is just as important as staying physically healthy at this time. Journaling for ten days, created explicitly for staying at home will give your mental and emotional health that it needs to survive this suspended moment in time.

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Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

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