5 Healthy Relationship Checks

It’s easy for us to start fixating on toxic relationships, especially if we have been through some rough times. What happens when we surround ourselves with people that are healthy for us on all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Apart from the energetic shift that happens when we allow good things and people to come into our lives. 

How do we know that we are in the presence of good people? 

Same values, different perspectives. 

When we live from the ego, we are safe and we stay with what is known. Living from the heart out of love expands our views. If we share the same values with other people we can have discussions to increase our perceptions. Fear could prohibit us from moving outside of our bubbles. This could stem from our belief systems or past experiences. Trust is something that is earned and it could have been broken. Once we acknowledge this, learn from our past encounters and start to open ourselves up for healthy relationships. 

Mental energy without exhaustion.

What does it feel like to be with them? Do an energy check and feel if your energy is more drain to be around them? Even if you are an introvert, spending time with people who are good for you can elevate your energy. 


You feel comfortable being who you truly are. When we are children and our parents provide a safe place for us to make mistakes, learn and grow, we build on that foundation. The same goes for people who we surround ourselves with. Do they allow us space to make mistakes without judgement? 

Growth Mindset 

Do you have a growth mindset? Understanding that we are all on our journeys, our growth will be at different rates, are you allowing them to grow? Do the people you surround yourself with allow you to grow? How flexible are you in your mindset? 

Deeper Connection

What topics do you like to discuss? Does the conversation revolve primarily around the past? Do you discuss future events or make new, fun memories together? Even if you have a favourite topic, do you seek actively listen when they speak? Who dominates the conversation? When we feel connected, romantic or otherwise, we talk and connect deeply. Soul connections, mental links or other terms come to mind when thinking about these people. 

Our journaling challenge: 

Who are the people that you consider GOOD for you? 

When was the last time that you connected with them? 

Write a handwritten letter to them to thank them for being in your life. 

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing. 

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