5 Steps to Healing with Guided Journaling

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

You may not be able to change the outcome, but you can still make a difference. Let’s talk about life-altering events: infertility, cancer, loss, grief, divorce or anything else that flips your world upside down. Although we may not be “cured” from these life happenings, we can heal through guided journaling. Along with a guided journal on the specific topic that you are working through, take an empty journal and make a plan to become a holistically healed human with the following map:

Time Limit

Journal down the timeframe that you wish to be defined by your challenge.

For example, (Insert name) _______________ would like to be defined as a person diagnosed with cancer for the next six months.

Awareness is the first step in making a change. This journaling prompt also gives you permission to set a time limit on how long you think you need to focus on the problem vs. the solution. Keep in mind that any journaling is flexible, this is YOUR story, your way. You have control over your writing and healing, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Number 4 in our post will deal with that aspect in more detail.


Journal down on a scale of one to ten what priority you place on your healing. One is not a priority at all, ten being a top priority.

This shifts the focus to healing vs. cure, having a baby or feeling stuck in our divorce or our grief. Keep this in mind when you jot down your number. There is no judgement in your number and there is no place for guilt. Whatever your number is, is as personal as the struggle and the solution.


Although we may not always have a choice in terms of where our circumstances lead us or our medical diagnosis, we do have a choice on how we want to be regardless of our environment. This is where our true inner power lies.

Journal down:

I make a choice for healing


I am not ready to make a choice for healing.


Similar to a New Year’s resolution of going to the gym five days a week and losing twenty kilograms, most of us will run out of motivation by March. This is human nature, we are all pumped up and excited to transform, then life happens. We get unmotivated, busy, starting to justify why we can’t make it out and then the spiral of being down on ourselves begin. Feelings of failure and resentment creep in and we could go in the opposite direction of overeating and returning to an even more sedentary lifestyle.

When we start our healing process, be aware that there could be some setbacks, times that we don’t feel like we are doing enough, making fast progress or that healing simply wasn’t meant for us. That’s okay too.

Journal down one motivational sentence or one quote that means the world to you.

Refer back to it in the times that you feel down. Even if you don’t do anything else for one day but read the quote or sentence to yourself, you will find the energy shift to a more positive state. Life doesn’t happen in a straight line, so why do we expect our healing to be? Self-care and transformation take time, dedication and being gentle with yourself.


Journal down what you think will happen to you once you heal: Body, Mind and Soul.

This is a fun journaling prompt. Expand, envision, embrace all the magnificence that you wish to unleash once you are healed. Write it down in sparkles, make a collage or write it on the biggest banner you can find. Having a goal is a wonderful way to speak your truth. Putting it in writing gives your words the magic to manifest.

In life, we can decide to become victims of our circumstances or we can be victorious. With hard work, the right guidance and support, we can heal and become who we were meant to be. All our journals come with a disclaimer that states if you're having a hard time with any of the guided prompts, seek out professional help in the form of a support group, therapist or psychologist. Take your journal with to your appointment or meeting as a resource from which everyone involved can be enlightened.

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