7 Surprising Benefits of Guided Journaling

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Guided journaling was created to complement existing healing practices and rituals. Research has shown time and again that journaling aids in mindfulness, increases emotional intelligence, improves communication and boosts our memory and comprehension. Achieving our goals and strengthens our self-discipline are also attributed to journaling.

So how does journaling actually achieve all these benefits? Let’s take a look at seven aspects of guided journaling in more detail:

Organizes Your Emotions

Much like a filing cabinet keeping all of our important documentation, a guided journal safekeeps our emotions. Guided journaling is divided into sections to help organize our feelings. When a life-altering event happens to us, our first reactions and mental state is chaotic. Emotional filing cabinets help us to better manage and understand why we are feeling a certain way.

Sleeps Better

The more you have in your journal, the less you’ll have on your mind. This leads to better sleep! Guided journaling has specific visualization techniques and methods, allowing your mind to go to the core of your challenges. Once fully completed, you will be in a state of mindfulness. You will experience the weight of the challenge lift. Continuing in this still will provide peaceful sleep.

Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of physical and emotional burnout. Guided journaling has expertly written sections to deal with triggers. Whether you are dealing with a life-threatening illness, professional caregiver, supporting someone with cancer or working through the loss of a loved one, guided journaling has a section relevant to your circumstance. For example, Journaling Through Loss and Grief starts with the stress of the funeral arrangements; Journaling Through Breast Cancer deals with mastectomy and intimacy after treatment. Journaling Through as a Professional Caregiver has its own set of stressors: caseload, emotional investment and self-care. Each journal is specifically designed to help with YOUR stress.

Declutters Thoughts

Over-thinking, over-analyzing and over-reacting are all natural responses to a life-altering event. Our minds become filled with action plans, what-ifs and numerous decision that has to be made on the spot. Guided journaling allows us to declutter and focus on the reality of the situation. In turn, when we have to make quick decision our thoughts are cleaned up to do so.

Brings Clarity

Guided journaling offers distance. Distance between yourself and your challenges; distance between yourself and other people and also distance from you and negative space. When we write down our experiences with guided journaling we shine a light onto our emotions and thoughts. We come in touch with ourselves on a deeper level and can see situations, events and other people more clearly.

Expands Self-Knowledge

When we know ourselves better, we can avoid situations that triggers negative or helpless feelings. Self discovery through guided journaling takes us on a adventure to our core selves.

With questions like:

How did I get where I am now?

How am I dealing with my difficult situation in a healthy way?

What promises am I making to myself?

What have I learned from this journey?

Knowing ourselves better can greatly help in the healing of our bodies, mind and spirit.

Gives You Control

If you are a part of a journaling group, you can control how, when and if you share your journal entries. Journaling without a group gives you control over which section you want to write in, how much time you want to spend on each section and so on.

Lastly, guided journaling gives you control over your journey, your story. If you WANT to gain insight and a better understanding of yourself, you have control over the pen. The only way to start is to actually put ink on paper.

When will your journey begin?

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