Abundance in alignment

I bought a pair of really high boots ten years ago. It’s my favourite pair, and I only wear them on special occasions. One of my friends who is all about fashion mentioned that they are back in style! She immediately thought about mine when we saw them in the window of her favourite store. My thought was to get my card out and purchase another pair right away!

In a mindfulness moment, I realized that I’ve bought into my own consumerism mindset. Aligned abundance is the opposite of a never enough lifestyle. Recognizing my own misalignment, I jotted down everything I felt abundant in.

Living an aligned abundant life is similar in living a grateful one, but more active. When we are thankful for what we have, we say thank you, and then continue our lives. It’s excellent for our mindset and emotional state. Abundance means having a large quantity of something, it is expansive energy and elevates us to be more aligned to our higher selves.

Abundance is also having enough for us to thrive. What does inner abundance look like?




Jot down how you can use your inner abundance to create a mindset of outer abundance in your physical life without falling into the consumerism trap.

“I have a great pair of boots, I’m abundant in my footwear.”

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

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