Alignment vs Hustle

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Alignment vs Hustle
Alignment vs Hustle

Based on the psychological principles of external and internal locus of control developed by Rotter in 1996. An internal locus of control is action based on their inner motivation and in turn, determines the rewards. Persons with an external locus of control believe that their behaviour doesn’t matter much, and the award is more fatalistic and outside of their control. Alignment goes further to include inner wisdom, guidance in strength for business, career, relationships and personal health. If we think of hustle, traditionally it’s a fast-moving, never-ending energy of chasing a dream, a goal, a way of living. It’s an energy that can come from two places, internally motivated or externally. Externally we are hustling to get that new promotion, the latest trends or the next shiny object (physically or metaphorically). Our perceived reward is being the best at something, in the eyes of our peers or social status elevation. Internal hustle stems from the fact that we have something to prove, either to ourselves or others.

We will never have enough, so we will never be enough. We are in a constant state of the chase.

Hustle’s energy is rushed, competitive with others, comparative and lead to burnout without fulfilment.

Alignment is connecting to your goals in a way that comes from your inner purpose. Alignment doesn’t come easy, and it’s usually forged through hardship, inner strength work, learning and insight from ourselves and others. It’s also a work in progress, and we don’t wake up one morning fully aligned. When we are fully aligned, we have mini-alignments every day—the bigger purpose of what we are achieving, broken down into daily nuggets. Alignment is being feeling rested, physically, emotionally and intellectually to passionately create, deliver, serve and be optimally productive. As in the inner locus of control theory, we take control of our actions, and the reward is the accomplishment of being enough. Through this mindset, we can withstand a crumbling world around us, because alignment is the inner ability to be flexible.

When we live an aligned life, it’s easy to pick up on external factors (pandemics, news, war, life-altering events) or internal factors (overthinking, stress, eating disorders, toxic relationships) that bring us out of alignment. Through guided journaling and other proven methods, we can realign ourselves again and be most productive and fulfilled. Visit Journaling Through Life and gain access to this premium guided journal today.

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