Can Guided Journaling Cure Cancer?

In a conversation with one of my best friends, she mentioned hypnosis, an artificially induced state of consciousness, characterized by heightened suggestibility and guidance to direct her mind to quit smoking. She was very excited to try this technique to quit the bad habit, even if it was not “real” medicament. My instinctive reaction, but it is real. Your mind is a part of your body, it is real, because it is a part of you. When altering bad habits, it affects every part of ourselves thus our mind, our body and our soul.

Hippocrates believed that body and mind are a unity, and to affect one is to affect the other. Another famous medical figure, Pasteur held strongly onto the effect of the microbe in medicine, his dying words were, "...the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything."

Many of us are familiar with expressions like Just the thought of it makes me sick. The academic terminology: Psychosomatic. It is a term used to describe a person who exhibits physical symptoms that stem from a mental or emotional cause. One classic example is a woman who was confined to her wheelchair after a vehicle collision. Physicians could not find the physical cause for her paralyses and referred her to a psychologist. It was later discovered that she was cheating on her husband and had the accident on her way to a meetup. The fear of telling her husband the truth imprisoned her mind and her body.

Are our bodies intoxicated by negative thoughts that can cause serious harm? Even an infant will spit out food that has a bad taste. Why do we not acknowledge and let go of unsettling thoughts in the same way that we spit out something inedible? The answer is simple - we don’t know how to. We over-think, take remarks personally and become emotional hoarders. When cancer manifest in our bodies the pain, confusion and anger often clutter our minds.

You are physically and mentally connected.

Journaling Through underwrites teamwork of the spirit, body and mind to flourish your psychosomatic symbiosis. Without purposefully dealing with negative aspects of our existence, we eliminate the possibility of true growth and healing.

Why not take up a pencil and start the journey today? Thankfully holistic approaches to healing made a necessary comeback.

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The Healing Gods of Ancient Civilizations (1925), by Walter Addison Jayne, M.D.


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