Caregiver Group Journaling

Journaling Through as a Professional Caregiver was created to be done as part of a group, however can easily be adapted for the individual journaler. When the group consists of participants that work together, the benefits are exponential. Deeper connection to your peers, insights into their way of thinking as well as your own will undeniably create a more productive and energized workforce. Shared concerns and obstacles can be openly discussed without judgement or prejudice. From experience an outside moderator or course facilitator has the added benefit of tearing down managerial hierarchy which could prevent the caregivers from speaking freely.

Through Guided Journaling ground rules are established for all group caregiver-journalers and can be similar in format as a book club. For example, keep up the pace by staying committed to agreed upon meeting times and deadlines for completion of each journaling page. However one extremely important aspect of group journaling is to allow the caregiver to decline to share at any time. As much as the group will connect with each other, on occasion certain aspects of the journal will better be discussed anonymously or in private with their own support system.

The benefits of Guided Group Journaling are myriad and will bring the participants back to their core decision of becoming a caregiver and provide clarity into future roles and current tasks. Caregiver burnout, sensitivity, finding joy and renewed energy are just some of the topics that are explored in this dynamic setting. The cumulative effort is greater than the sum of individual and underwrites synergism.

Caregivers by nature take care of others before themselves. After journaling exercises commonalities are discussed followed by integrated choices and executed according to the parameters set out by the individual. Allowing the caregiver to feel appreciated and respected for what they do promotes a healthy caregiver tribe.

Why wait? Now is the time to put a group together and take your careers to the next level.

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