Do Men Journal?

“Journaling is probably only for women.” I found this take on journaling fascinating and had to investigate further. From experience I know that men aren’t always up for talking about their feelings, so how do we support them in their time of need?

Josh started a new business with his wife and two daughters a few years ago. Shortly after, just as everything was falling into place for their family Grace was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She ordered a copy of Journaling Through as Support for Josh. As the weeks progressed Grace became very ill from the chemo and multiple invasive surgeries. Mounting pressure from their business, the daughters’ adjustments to new schools and the uncertainty of the outcome left Josh with little time to focus on his own well-being. One nurse at the hospital took Josh aside and bid him to pay attention to how he walked “with the feet of an old man shuffling in the dark” .

With Josh’s last bit of energy and the encouragement of Grace he started to use the journal. Every night before he went to bed, he would complete a page.

The months went by and Grace’s condition deteriorated. Slowly but surely Josh now integrated some of the techniques from the journal and was able to gain some perspective into his situation. He tried out boundary setting, found insight on how to deal with some of the most difficult emotions like hurt, resentment, anger and the hopelessness that he cannot “fix” the situation.

Josh now looked forward to journaling a page before the day ended. His daughters made new friends at school and the business picked up. The final months before Grace’s passing were certainly the hardest. When the day finally came for her to leave this world, all of the emotions didn’t come down on Josh all at once, because he dealt with that in a timely manner. During the final hours of her journey he could just focus on the circumstances at hand.

By Journaling Through some of the challenges while being a support to Grace and his daughters, Josh was able to clear his heart from confusion, questions and unresolved emotions. He was able to share the lessons that he had received from self-reflection.

Like in the case of Josh Journaling Through as Support is extremely useful to men who find it hard to show heart-brokenness. Although we will never fully understand the journey we were chosen for in this lifetime, we can still find a gift in any experience.

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