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Pregnancy, is a beautiful and empowering time in a woman's life. As a doula, I know the importance of self care and awareness during pregnancy and beyond. In todays world, we are typically living a fast paced lifestyle that can allow us to miss those moments of reflection and awareness during the most important parts of our lives. I have been blessed to assist women during their postpartum wellness, and understand how this time can offer many differing emotions and uncertainties. Women who feel balanced, cared for, and empowered during pregnancy, will often carry those attributes into postpartum and beyond. 

During pregnancy, the physical and emotional changes as she grows a tiny human being can be overwhelming at times, and often not talked about. One of the greatest gifts a parent can give to themselves during pregnancy and postpartum, is to have a strong support system, as well as knowing their limitations, both emotional and physical. Creating that safe space, that "village", is hugely beneficial to both mama and baby. Many women will also find peace and clarity through writing. Writing is a beautiful way to document your journey, and to lay down some of the thoughts and feelings onto paper. It can be a wonderful tool in embracing the changes and emotions ahead. 

"Journaling Through Pregnancy" beautifully lays out a gentle and holistic guideline for your birth needs and preparations. It focuses on self care, being aware of your choices, and how to feel emotionally balanced. One of my personal favourites, is the section on "Motherly Instincts and Nesting". This book reminds mothers that we have that intuitive nature, and to trust it. Ultimately, a mother whose intuition is not suppressed, will often feel more confident and parent with that in mind. This journal serves as a healthy guideline for any mother, as she goes through this empowering time in her life. I would highly recommend it for any parent, and for doulas to share with their clients. 

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes that I feel embraces what this book is about. 

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers, strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." - Barbara Katz Rothman

Be Blessed,

Jennifer Victor/Postpartum Doula

Images from Journaling Through Pregnancy.

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