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The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

An engineer once told me that he views his life in terms of 100% energy. That’s the total amount of active energy that he has per day. From that he can only spend enough on things that he deems a priority. Going to work, dealing with problems at work and balancing a healthy home life. Anything that moves his energy to a lower state, he tries to avoid at all costs. For example negative relationships, insignificant problems and small talk as well as spending countless hours online following the lives of the famous and wondering who liked his profile picture on social media (the one he hasn’t changed in 9 years). Life would be great if it worked like that algorithm. We could code ourselves to only use our active energy on what we deem a priority or productive and reactivate our energy immediately so that we are at a constant 100% positive.

Here is an alternative to that equation:

We have a 100% activated energy at the start of the day. Now transfer the energy to the low vibration or stagnant energy every time something happens that didn’t go as planned, or what you didn’t perceive to be a priority.

For example:

5% the milk spills on the floor.

10% a major traffic jam on the way to work.

20% the meeting you forgot about when you get to work late.

10% someone ate your lunch while trying to explain to you in great detail why it looked similar to theirs.

5% your cell phone’s battery is about to die.

Coming home from work you already transferred fifty percent of your energy into a lower vibration, making you tired, frustrated and anxious. You look forward to a nice home cooked meal, however the day was similar for everyone.

Move the energy to the lower vibration or stagnant side:

10% high salt and saturated fat takeout dinner (healthy food reactivates energy)

5% kids have trouble with their homework and needs extra help.

10% when everyone is exhausted by the end of the day and bedtime moves to an hour later.

You are left with 25% positive, active energy by the time you go to bed. Stressed about the next day, uncompleted tasks in the house and inability to fall asleep will stagnate the remaining energy.

So how do we reactivate our energy every time it moves into a low vibration so that we can sustain a healthy, energetic day? And by energetic I don’t mean bouncing off the walls type like a toddler on a sugar-high. A healthy energy is one that feel in balance, calm and centred with our emotions in perspective and our reactions appropriate.

Adding stimulants like caffeine, sleeping pills and sugary foods might seem like an easy fix, but how sustainable is that in the long run? If we understand that we always have 100% energy within us, we will be able to activate our energy in order to deal with the challenges we face, small or big from a source within ourselves.

Journaling can help tremendously to re-energize at any time. The journal entry doesn’t have to be long, nor does it have to be well thought-out or complicated. Take a piece of paper or your journal and jot down this quick redirection. It shouldn’t take longer than five minutes:

My emotion right now:

What brought it on? (one sentence or less)

What can I do about it? (one sentence or less)

How can I redirect and get energy back to myself? (two or three words)

This guided journaling technique helps to quickly activate our low vibrations by transferring our energy to a higher vibration. The more frequently we do it, the better we will become at recognizing our emotions that lead to specific behaviour. Once you have completed a number of these quick guided journaling prompts, take some time on a weekend and read through them.

Can you see a trend? Is there an underlying emotion or trigger that need more exploration?

Making healthy choices for our bodies, minds and spirits are at the center of our overall well-being. It could be as simple as reaching for an apple instead of a donut, breathing deeply instead of cursing in traffic and not placing so much pressure on ourselves when we are doing our best and things just doesn’t work out the way we planned it.

By taking care of ourselves throughout the day in little increments is both beneficial to us in the next moment, but also in the long run when we have to face more complex challenges.

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