Energy Now = Manifestation Tomorrow

We all know the saying that the only thing we really have is the present. But think about it, even as I’m typing this, the words in the previous sentences are already in the past. My thoughts on what to type next is in the future. Our present is made up of micro-moments that could be a manifestation of our past behaviours, choices and thoughts. In contrast, the future is a foreplay of what we think now, what we do right now and how we decide to continue onto the next moment.

This is where true awareness comes into play. We are, right now in-between past and moving to the future as the present is constantly moving. Many futuristic and science fiction films depict time as something that is not linear. Without going into too much detail, it basically states that time is relative and doesn’t move in the same sequences as we perceive it. This is how concepts of time travel and teleportation are to be a reality someday. So what does all this have to do with self-improvement and journaling?

I recently was on a podcast with the lovely Jade from Jade Karling Coaching and hosted by Joshua Black from Grief Dreams. They asked how I was able to overcome adversity in dangerous circumstances. I replied that it’s very important to know exactly who you are. If you relocate often like I did, you have to be able to introduce yourself to the world over and over again. I started journaling from a very young age. When I look back at some of those journal entries, I understand now how I manifested my Journaling Through business. In 1996 I wrote a page asking my “future self” if I shall be a 9-5 type worker or shall I follow my own path? Here I am, almost twenty years later as a self employed CEO!

Back to the question about past, present and future. When we understand the concept of divine timing, we allow our energies to manifest without a linear timeline, so we can truly acknowledge our culminated pasts, momentarily presents and evolving futures. By journaling down our journeys, we discover how our past shaped our present and by becoming aware of our present energy we can enrich our future.

Our energy today will impact our manifestations tomorrow.

For the full podcast, kindly find it at: Episode 66.

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