How to be a calm empath in divorce

Empaths are also known for absorbing the energy in the room. Before your first meeting with the lawyer, ensure that you have done some grounding meditations and do your best to be as relaxed as possible.

The main reason divorce proceedings are so intense and full of anxiety is that we air our laundry in front of people we don’t know and we are unaware of all the nuances that come with legalities. Even some lawyers have a hard time, knowing how the system works.

Be kind to yourself. Journal down a mantra that you can repeat in your mind when you feel that things are getting out of control while in the office of your lawyer. Another great idea is to take a crystal or anything that can fit inside your pocket, whenever you feel like the anxiety or energy in the room is getting overwhelming, hold it in your hand as a reminder to ground and come down. There will be some hard questions, the less emotions we can have in the divorce the better the outcome.

Take the journal with you to every meeting that you have with your legal team. This will also help you to keep to the facts of the matter of divorce. There will be allegations made as to who you are, what you’ve done wrong and even that you’re crazy.

Keep in mind that the narcissist will try anything to keep from being exposed as who he or she really is.

An incredibly important matter to keep you from spending all your hard earned money in the proceedings is to keep immense track of where you are at. This will also help you gain back control and withstand the earthquake. Make sure to journal down what was discussed at the meeting, what the follow-ups are and how long before you receive answers. This is your divorce, own it and own the process.

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing!

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