How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet

Pets gives us affection, love and support. They are as close to us as a family member and a part of the household. Whether it is a cat, dog or other pet, their presence in our lives enhances our wellbeing. Their companionship when we need someone to talk to and not talk back, understand us in our silence and energizes us in our moments of joy. They share our lives with us through better and worse.

Their lifespan is shorter than ours, perhaps to help us learn skills for grieving and appreciate the moments that we all share on this earth. When our pets pass on, a piece of us go with them.

How then do we deal with the loss of our pets?


Give yourself time to heal. Time to go through all the belongings of the pet and all the memories you shared.

A special place.

Find a special place in your home to put a picture, paw print or other item on display in memory of your pet. This way you can always look to it for inspiration, remember good times and have a moment of peace as you recollect the ways in which your pet made your life better.

A fresh start, not a replacement.

Like any human, no pet is like the other. If you do decide to rescue or purchase another pet will never replace the old one, however it will be able to fill the void of the one you lost. You can decide if you want to put the belongings of the pet you lost in a container or use it with the new pet. Before you use it with the new pet, however be sure that you have no emotional triggers if something were to happen to it. If you are emotionally attached to the items of the pet you lost, then it might be better to store it away in a memory box.

A new pet will provide you with new adventures and memories, while always having the memory of the one you lost safely in your heart.

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