How to heal after divorce

By using your Journaling Through Divorce and Separation, you have taken control over your finances and the divorce proceedings. Ego’s suffer in divorce proceedings and airing your dirty laundry for all to see can leave you feeling sad, depressed and with a low self-esteem. This could be exasperated by seeing pictures of your ex enjoying a perceived grandiose lifestyle without you. There will also be times where you could wonder if it wasn’t better to stay in the relationship.

In order to get yourself back on track, find ways to not take the bait. Bring the focus back to yourself and your own energy. It’s okay to unfriend people on social media, to set a healthy boundary to mutual friends and say that you do not want to be set up with someone new right now because you are focusing on your own healing process. This also goes for topics that you do not want to discuss.

Another pitfall is the urge to prove that you are worthy and that you have the ability to make a relationship last. The only person you need to prove your own worth to is yourself. Embrace this vulnerable state of mind, put competition of new relationships on hold until you have found your feet, your own personal value and your self-sustaining place in this world. Let’s be honest, the relationship with yourself is the most important one. You have given yourself a second chance at the life you’ve always wanted, even though it might not seem like it at this present moment. Take your time, this is your opportunity to get your finances in order, your life on the track you want it to be on.

Clear your physical space of things that could trigger you back to heartache and sadness. Clear your mind space through guided journaling and your spiritual space with meditations and soul practices.

Post separation, during and post divorce leaves you feeling like a victim, a victim of abuse and this has left scars and wounds. At first you might feel euphoric about being free, regardless of the settlement and the proceedings. After a few months the escape from long term trauma-exposure you can collapse, mentally or physically when reality kicks in. For instance limited resources, no medical insurance, friends and family sided with the ex and perhaps a change of career.

You survived divorce!

To become an empowered person, look around and see the millions past, present and future survivors around the world.

Survivors from warzones, refugees, immigrants, cancer, nature disasters, terrorist attacks, abductions, accidents and the list go on.

Every survivor has a unique narrative, but also many things in common.

Rather than jumping on a next sinking ship, celebrate your survival, join hands with the many humans who also managed to break free from oppressing circumstances.

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