How to Share your Gifts

In our journaling challenge for December, we focus on the gifts that we bring to this world. These are the intangible ways in which we make the world a better place. Yes, it sounds like a beauty pageant answer, but there is truth to it. If we share our gifts and focus on the difference we make, the world will be better for it.

After completing the journaling challenge and discovering your gift, how do you wish to share it? Are you willing to have it rejected? Fear is a powerful emotion that can prohibit us from living to our full potential and fulfilling our purpose.

Fear of judgement, resentment, gifts not being reciprocated and so forth. The question now becomes how we overcome this fear. The answer is simple: we detach from the outcome.

If I told you that your gift is the most amazing, most spectacular and most valuable on this earth, would you shy away from sharing it?

One way to know if you’re ready to detach from the outcome is to ask yourself the following: “if I share this gift with a specific person or group, will it upset me if it’s rejected?” If the answer is no, then you have fully detached from the outcome, if the answer is yes, then there are two reasons why we cannot detach from the outcome.

Firstly, we may still have some internal work to do. Detaching from the outcome takes practice and journaling through some challenges we may encounter can greatly enhance this process of self-awareness. Our energy could be so low that we simply don’t want to spend any more on sharing our gifts. Perhaps there is still too much hurt or unresolved issues and we are not at the place where we can fully detach and give regardless of the outcome. Once we’ve completed a guided journal, therapy or support we may find that we can finally give fully.

The second reason we may not be able to detach from the outcome is that, despite giving without expecting anything in return, the outcome is very negative. Toxic people who, no matter what, will turn things around and try to destroy whatever gifts you have to offer the world. Usually, around the holiday season, it’s customary to visit friends and family and reconnect. If you strongly feel that certain people or situations will be detrimental to your mental health, set a strong boundary and decide how best to handle the situation as part of your own self-care lifestyle.

Detaching doesn’t mean that you knowingly put your gifts out there to be trampled on. Detaching is also protecting your inner energy and ensuring that you come from a grounded and healed place, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s about striking the balance between true giving and setting healthy boundaries.

Your gift is valuable and you are the only person who can give it!

Happy Holidays!

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