In Africa, they Sing

As I walked down the passage of a hospital I overheard a choir of voices singing. My curious nature made me turn to the left and followed the signs to the Pediatric Care ward where a handful of staff gathered to worship. With a mop and pail of water the cleaner stopped me before I could enter. “You can’t see your child now,” he said, “Because the nurses are about to hand over to the night staff.”

“I don’t have a sick child here, I’m the group facilitator for Journalling Through,” I wanted to say, but instead found the silence within me while listening to hymns followed by a prayer.

Not sure what it was all about I whispered, “Do they always end their shifts like this? Do they always pray for the little ones?”

“No...” the cleaner took a deep breath,“ was December 2015 after a fatal accident that the staff got permission from the Hospital Board to end their shifts with a brief gathering.” The cleaner now pulled me aside and explained that the nursing staff often had to travel long distances home under harsh conditions and after working eight hours straight. “Some rush home, but many nurses would take a moment to pray for their own protection and their families before they leave.”

Humbled by the experience, I shared my knew found knowledge of the hospital worshipping in a different trainings session. My question to them: “If you had to guess, what did they pray for?” Like me, everyone assumed the prayers were for the children in the Pediatric ward and their families.

Throughout the history of mankind there were caregivers to ease the pain of the wounded, and take care of the newborn, elderly, sick, needy and dying. When caregivers take a moment for themselves, their songs become louder and their hymns resonate throughout the globe.

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