Involuntary Volunteer

In our Journaling Through As Support, a guided self-help journal for friends and family who support those with cancer, the first entry is about the role of an involuntary caretaker. 

When any person is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, the other members of the family can find it challenging to support the former while also maintaining an aligned self-care strategy.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, universal appeals have been made to take on the responsibility of caring for vulnerable people in communities. We have been encouraged by the government to keep an eye on neighbours, call grandparents, volunteering time to shop on behalf of the disabled. 

Even though we have been paralyzed by fear and at times felt vulnerable, our support of others exhibited great care. Private Caregivers became the backup team for frontline workers.

Compulsory in Canada, 40 hours of volunteering are required before Grade 12 pupils can graduate. Many grow from being an involuntary supporter to volunteering out of choice. 

I came up with the idea after reading many comments about being forever thankful for those mindful calls and actions to design a certificate. 

What a grand gesture to present grandchildren, children, parents, neighbours, family and friends with a certificate stating that the volunteering hours didn’t go unnoticed. 

Create your own certificate or download this PDF to print.

Appreciation Certificate
PDF • 29KB

Keep journaling keep growing. 


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