Journal of Past, Present & Future

The well-loved novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future explores the concept that we carry around the energies from our past, present and that it will impact our future. Luckily, we can, at any time, change our perception of our past, make a decision in the present and create a future to believe in.

Energies are all around us, in the physical form as well as the spiritual realm. Our emotions also carry energies and when we engage with others, energies are exchanged. Think about a time that you had a very intense emotion, sadness, grief, anger, ecstasy or pure joy. We are filled with energy from that emotion and it has to go somewhere for us to find balance or equilibrium again.

We can’t always control which energies are in our external environment. They have a real influence on how we think, behave and feel. Our past also creates energies that we carry with us. The decisions that we made and our consequences can have lasting effects on our inner weight.

The first step in creating lighter energies within ourselves to live aligned lives is to write out the past events that weigh on us. Secondly, we move onto the present and what energies we carry with us at this moment. Thirdly, we can live an energetically aligned life and healthily redirect external energies.

As the saying goes, if we have an emotional reaction to everything that happens to us, we leave ourselves open to constant suffering. Travelling lightly throughout life allows us to see the emotions for what they are, without it weighing us down. When we use the energy from our feelings to guide us, we move closer to our purpose and destiny.

Journaling is an excellent way to start lightening the energetic load and clear a path for insight into our journey.

Clearing the Past Journaling Challenge:

Jot down the most important life event that shaped how you view the world.

Present Journaling Challenge:

I might not be able to change my circumstances exactly at this moment, however, I can change my attitude.

Future Journaling Challenge:

I am creative and resourceful, I envision my future in the following ways.

Similar to Scrooge in the novel, forgiveness, openness to receive and the support of loved ones create a solid foundation for a life aligned.

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

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