Journaling for kids in self-isolation

The media has found a new love for the power of storytelling and journaling in this time of uncertainty. With trying to keep everything together, parents can find it challenging to think of how children can start their writing.

We've created a journal in on our digital platform, specifically designed for children 4 - 8.

Why did we make it a story and not a traditional prompt journal? By creating a distance between themselves and the character, it makes space for a non-judgemental view of their own experience. Ask the child if they would like to share the story with you, or if there is another trusted adult that they prefer. As a parent, do not feel offended if they wish to share it with someone other than you. In child psychology, this is quite common behaviour depending on their developmental phase. The child also does not need to complete the story in one sitting. Set aside a few minutes per day to work on the story depending. The aim of this journal is to create a healthy habit of journaling in tough circumstances. As we all deal with trauma in different ways, so will children. They might not feel the same way today than they did yesterday. It is important to keep an open communication stream and guide children towards self-empowerment. Dwelling on negativity or anxiety is frustrating and draining. Journaling is an excellent bridge between openly expressing how we feel and drawing on inward solutions. Keep journaling, keep growing!

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