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Updated: Mar 18

I noticed throughout my undergraduate studies that my heart was being pulled more and more toward women’s mental health, particularly in the area of trauma. I focused my thesis on trying to understand various ways women were affected by the traumatic experiences in their lives. I thought this would be the sole focus of my work until I was pregnant with my first child. While I am still very focused on trauma, both my experience with pregnancy into the postpartum period, along with the many stories of other women I have met, led me to focus my specialized research in my Master’s program on pregnancy, motherhood, birth, and the postpartum period.

Pregnancy, for me, was one of my most vulnerable experiences. Despite doing this amazing thing of growing a human being, I felt like everything was out of my control, my body, my thoughts, my career, my education, and the amount of suggestions or advice I was spontaneously given by others, often with good intensions but not always helpful; at times it felt like my whole identity was stripped away from me. It took a lot of work to navigate through all of this and find a space I was comfortable in – to find who my new “me” was and to begin to learn how to integrate the new parts of my identity with what already existed. And while I am still in the process of figuring out how to fully implement what I have learned about myself, I figured out what I need to in order to be present for today and to be my best self today. I have learned that a mindset of “one day at a time” can go a long way. 

After talking with other moms about their experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, I quickly learned that a lot of them had similar experiences of feeling like something in their life was out of control or that the comments being said to them were starting to weigh on them. I learned that the expectations of their families were becoming overwhelming, along with the decisions they had to make because they didn’t know much about pregnancy or birth at the time. Just knowing how to start processing this experience can be a challenge and this Pregnancy Journal is a great tool to help you do this. It is one I wish was available when I was beginning my journey into motherhood.

This beautiful journal provides space to figure out some of the things I have already mentioned and so much more. It gently guides you through the process of exploring expectations, values, boundaries, traditions, pregnancy, birth plan preferences, postpartum care, etc. This journal not only provides space for exploration of all these important things but also offers guidance in skill development along with the tools you will need to make some big decisions regarding your pregnancy and beyond. It provides a space to practice boundary setting and communicating your needs to others. It provides opportunity to learn to be more present with yourself and to take time through meditation to find the wisdom within yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be. It provides suggestions for interactive activities with your partner or supports to decide what you want your motherhood look like. It empowers you to take your power back in situations where vulnerability is high so you can make confident and sound decisions about your mind, body, health, and spiritual & mental well-being. 

What I also love about this journal is that I can see the Jade and Christine's hearts alive on these pages. They view the world through a lens of great love and compassion for all people. One of the ways in which they take the time to draw on their inner wisdom is through means of meditation which was an exercise that is included in this beautiful pregnancy journal. Meditation is an incredible way to explore “you” in your rawest form and to get a clear picture of your most genuine self.

These are some areas the journal will take you through as you move through its pages in preparation for your beautiful miracle. It’s such a wonderful addition to the journal and an incredible tool to have in your pocket. 

As moms, we already have everything we need to be the best moms we can be – to be the best version of ourselves we can be. When we take the time to look inside, we can more confidently stand our positions, knowing we are making the best decisions for ourselves, our babies, and our families. 

My hope for you is that you can get all you need from this journal to make your pregnancy and motherhood experience the best it can be.

May you be filled with joy, peace, and love as you begin this journey.


Christina Harbridge

BA Psychology Hons. & MAMFT (in process)

Images from Journaling Through Pregnancy.

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