Journaling through the unknown

Fear of the dark usually starts around two years of age as toddlers or preschoolers. At this developmental phase reality and fantasy are still mostly indistinguishable. With active imaginations, stimuli from new and unfamiliar experiences throughout the day, a fear of the dark represents a fear of things that they don’t understand or can’t control. Once children get older, they can distinguish between reality, and fantasy and most outgrow a fear of the dark.

When preteens and teenagers start engaging in relationships, the fear of rejection is most noticeable or the fear of not fitting in. These are also based on unknown factors if others will accept them. As young adults entering the workforce, the fear of a good career is unknown and especially in this time where climate change, inequality and other factors create fears of the unknown. For those who choose to get married, there can also be a fear of the relationship not lasting, or the fear of infertility if the couple decides to have children.

As we transition from toddler to adulthood, our fears of the unknown can hinder our alignment from living our lives to the fullest.

Imagine for a moment that you are standing on a timeline of your life. If you look in one direction, it is your past, if you look in the opposite direction, your future. At this very moment, envision yourself suspended in time and space.

Journal Entry:

What unknown truths do you need to discover in your past to bring you into present alignment?

Come back to this suspended moment in time.

Look in the opposite direction to the future and write down what comes to mind.

Fear of the unknown can hold us back from living aligned, purposeful lives.

What resources do we have available to stay in alignment through uncertain times?

Take an objective look at what you wrote down.

How do past fears influence future decisions?

When we are genuinely aligned, we can draw on our inner power and wisdom to guide us without fear. The key is to know ourselves better than anyone else - to have an evident appreciation of who we are, embracing our past, taking the life lessons learned and go forth into the unknown. Armed with self-knowledge, we can go into the unknown because we are aligned to our higher selves and grounded in our value systems.

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