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Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris is one of the most revealing stories about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A friend of mine recommended the book in conjunction with The Tattooist of Auschwitz about a month ago. I was in the midst of repainting my hallways and thought an audiobook could be just the thing to keep the work going.

After completing the book, I met up with her at pickup time. Our kids go to the same school in the neighbourhood. With enthusiasm and gratitude, I thanked her for the suggestion, mainly because I was diagnosed with complex PTSD myself. This sincere comment took her entirely by surprise, and she offered her regrets for even mentioning that I should read it. I replied that it was most brilliantly written and that the writer did her research and weaved in the symptoms as an underlying recurring theme seamlessly.

Eight years ago, I was working for a company in Hollywood as a script reader. This position offered me insight into many stories and how writers relate to the character or not. The best scripts were those that knew the characters inside and out. I started Journaling Through so that people can write their own stories in a guided way, within the structure of a well-told novel or script.

Following the interaction with my friend’s complete discomfort, I reflected on how much I’ve integrated my own story.

Becoming more aligned to ourselves also means that we fully know our stories. I recently started a new guided journal on body image, and one of the standout moments was realizing that the “new me” is part of the reason that we often don’t succeed in healing. We fall back to the “old me”. If we reframe this way of thinking, we align with our stories. Knowing ourselves inside and out will help in how we think about ourselves. This has a profound impact on everything we do.

Owning your story is also different from knowing your story. Owning has more possessive energy to it and could make it more challenging to move forward, although empowering and needed in certain circumstances. Knowing our stories are more compassionate in nature. In our journals, we start writing our stories to know ourselves. As the pages of the chapters continue, our characters grow, face challenges and overcome adversity. We come to love the protagonist, perceived flaws, and in the end, we root for them to reach their goal and in the end, gain insight.

Knowing your story is alignment.

Keep journaling, Keep growing.

Disclaimer: We are in no way connected to the author or book mentioned in this post. Nor have we received compensation of any kind. This post is purely our own opinion.

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