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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

He was about to take his first trip away from home. Never was he the child that enjoyed big parties, loud noises, or being too far from what is familiar. 

“Mom,” careful not to show his underlying emotions, “could we play the necklace game?”. It has been quite some time since we connected in this way. I devised this game when he was little and had trouble making new friends. “Of course,” I hid my excitement, mirrored in his, “lay down on the bed and close your eyes.” 

Following straightforward chakra questions, starting at the root, the necklace swung back and forth. “Did you have enough to eat today, were you cold?” the change of the seasons always affect our foundations. “What did you do that was fun? Did you feel in control?”, we made it to the heart chakra, and the circling necklace came to a halt. “Your heart seems heavy, would you like to tell me what is bothering you?” “I don’t know how long the ride will be, or how I will eat my lunch,” he explained as the necklace started to swing comfortingly across his chest, with each sentence increasing speed. “Did you want to use your voice and tell me what you think the answer is?” as I moved the swinging jewellery over his throat, his answer “sometimes I am scared of new things.” 

My favourite part is always what comes next, the higher chakras. I asked my son to open his third eye, protected by love, and if he saw any shapes, colours, words or hear any messages. “Care, courage and love,” as the energy shifted. These did not need extreme interpretations, and we both concluded that you will be cared for, you’ll need the courage to go on the trip alone and that the love of the universe and those who care about you are with you always. 

In our home, we are big fans of the Star Wars franchise. When he was just four, he learned the heart-wrenching truth that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. After a week of confusion and disillusion the concept of personal decision and power as it relates to The Force finally culminated into acceptance. As the necklace spun over top of his head resting on the pillow, we surrounded ourselves with the power and energy of the force and chose love and courage. 

Working through, rather than around our emotions or life-altering events will bring us back into alignment much faster. Now that we are aware of what we could be, how our lives can be, we can set a plan in motion. Manifestation only works as hard as we do, and by that we don’t mean exhaustion or hustle, we mean alignment, meditation, journaling, calmness and being grounded. 

It also takes consistency for the maximum impact. Similar to a physical workout, our mental health also needs exercise to stay resilient and aligned. Resting and taking time to recover from intense past hurts, traumas or stressors are just as important as working through them consistently. 

We live our best lives when we are aligned. 

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing! 

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