Once a day, wellness journaling template

The best way to get started with guided journaling is to have an idea what to write about. Maybe you’ve been journaling for a while and need new ideas, perhaps this is your first go at it! Regardless of where you are in your writing, this template is an excellent starting point. 

Each of the following prompts can be completed in less than five minutes. If we add them all up, you would have achieved almost an hour of journaling. At any time, jot down one word or spend as much time as you need on a prompt. This is YOUR story, these are simply guidelines. We’ve put them in sequence to follow a specific rhythm, however, once you’ve done this a few times and want to do it in your own order, please do so! 

Gain free access to the template by:

1. Sign in to your account at https://journalingthrough.life

2. Choose Journaling Challenges from the dropdown menu

3. Everyday Journal - One Hour

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing! 

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