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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

The 12th Annual Inspiring Women Event held in Kitchener on September 20, 2018 was incredibly successful and we are so thankful to have played a part in uplifting women in the workplace.

Here are a few of our favourite takeaways:

Energy fuels our passion

Christine, owner of Journaling Through spoke about how our energy fuels our passion. Topping up our energy is like filling up the tank in a car, our destination is our purpose and our passion is like a compass that guides us and reminds us to stop and top up! By using an energy-meter we can keep track of our energy throughout the day and make smart self-care choices to keep our inner energy high.

Kind words

We love to listen to Brady and Tara in the morning on CHYM96.7. When I mentioned this to Tara she gave me a big hug! Lesson? Never underestimate the power of a kind word to anyone, including a celebrity.

Loss & Grief

Elizabeth Heald, President & Chief Executive Officer of Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation and Board Chair of Kawasaki Disease Canada shared how journaling helped her through some of the roughest times in her loss and grief moments. She also mentioned that sometimes you need a little extra help, support from family and medical intervention to aid in overcoming anxiety and depression.

Her full story below:

Emotional Eating

The two incredible ladies Kirstie and Jody from The Culinary Studio in Kitchener shared how going back to basics, family connection and the love of healthy, home cooked meals are a passion that everyone can relate to (even if you don’t cook the meal yourself and just pick it up from their restaurant).

Journaling Through Emotional Eating focuses on exactly that! The reconnection to your own healthy core self :)


Zahra Al-Harazi, Entrepreneur and Transformative Leadership Expert shared a moment when she thought everything was falling apart, her career, family and her own joy and passion. Her strategy? Writing sticky notes ALL OVER her walls in order to get through the rough times. Journaling out her anger, frustration and coming to the core of her insight in a creative brief was her saving grace. She came to the conclusion that her mantra for continuing: Everything will be ok. Zahra had to make a really hard choice about her relationship of over 20 years, however is now in a happy relationship that makes her whole family more joyful. Through all of the adversity of civil war, immigration and oppression because she is a woman, she learned that she has the strength to overcome and inspire.


Sarah Richardson from the hit HGTV shows reminded us of how important it is to love your home, whether it is a million dollar mansion or a tiny caravan, knowing who you are, what works for you and how you can surround yourself with things that matter. We are full supporters of being minimalists, spending wisely and obtaining quality not quantity. This goes for friends, what you eat and what you put in your home.

What an incredible day to learn, admire and conclude that we are all different, with very unique stories, we all share the same passion to empower women to be the BEST that they can be.

Journaling Through ended the session with the following:

Sending you love, light and positive energy so that you can fulfil your purpose with 100% passion every single day.

For everyone reading this post, we wish you the same!

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