Positivity Quotes

All quotes are written by Christine Bergsma.

"New beginnings start with a mindset of letting go of the old so that the new can grow."

"Categorize things that need to change because of your current situation and habits that don't need to change despite my situation."

"I would like to travel to my inner peace today."

"We are all part of this moment in history. Journal your story."

"Crisis reveals two things - who we are and who other people are."

"Calm the inner storm to reveal your inner strength."

"When this is all over, I want to be stonger, healthier & more resilient than before."

"Collective health starts with individual responsibility."

"Fear is a reaction. Calm action is a response."

"Don't let fear and overthinking compromise your humanity."

"Self-love sets the tone for every relationship."

"At some point you have to just take a break, watch some cat-videos and laugh."

"Journaling makes clear what you are capable of."

"I am a co-creator of my experiences."

"Turning points are when we lose and find ourselves simultaneously. It can be reflective or chaotic."

"You are the protagonist of your story. Decide if you want to be the hero."

"Measure your success by effort and attitude."

"Sometimes we have to make tough decisions that will impact our future. Journaling helps with mental clarity regardless of the outcome."

"Journaling is a love letter to yourself from yourself."

"I am empowered when I feel in control of my emotions."

"At some point, you have to just take a break, watch some cat-videos and laugh."


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