Same me, new perspective.

After the keynote about mental health and the cosmetic industry (purely for body alteration without traditional medical need), it struck me that we live in a culture consumed with quick fixes. New Year's resolutions, in turn, can also turn into an impossible goal, an unattainable lifestyle often resulting in being worse of than before we made the resolution. That's probably why gym memberships skyrocket in January and plummet by March and where the concept yo-yo dieting came into existence.

Wanting to become a better person, create a healthier lifestyle or understanding ourselves and our emotions are adequate aspirations. How do we maintain an optimistic outlook in the new year, while improving certain aspects of our lives?

An essential part of healing and growth is to understand which major life events impacted our story. In screenwriting, the skeleton structure is a perfect way to get the main circumstances down and provide a screenshot of the protagonists' journey in the story.

Consider the following journaling exercise, think of a timeframe, five, ten, fifteen or twenty years. Jot down the year and one or two sentences about what happened. I've included my journal entry as an example.

Write down the year 2020 and create a vision for yourself and how that would benefit yourself and your world. Think about the value that you, like a person, want to add to this world.

Once we reflect on how far we've come, what we've experienced and sometimes endured, we can create a much more sustainable future outlook, not a quick fix.

As you start your journaling this new year and times get tough, reread your event timeline. Draw power from your own experience. Nobody has lived this life quite the way you have, and in that way, you gain empowerment.

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

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