Self-improvement through stories

I often get asked the question - “How did you come up with the brilliant idea of guided journaling?”

After working in the film and screenwriting industry for many years as an accomplished writer and script-reader, I created a series of guided journals. In any well-written screenplay, there is an inciting incident at a given time in the protagonist’s life that challenges them to step out of their comfort zone. Our Guided journals focus on an inciting incident that rocks the boat or temporarily throws us off balance.

Character development is all about discovering and exploring, gaining skills and tools through obstacles, challenges and lessons learned. Same with the guided journals, the protagonist works towards a satisfying ending of this period in time, to continue their journey with courage, excitement and being empowered.

Stories, people, emotions and subtle nuances in life is and will always be a passion of mine.  In my fictional writing, I plan out the hero’s unique journey, keeping the inner and outer resilience after struggles and conflicts in mind. Like in movies the audience take home what they need, in guided journaling, you write your story, whether it be a romantic comedy and journaling through pregnancy, a tight-knit drama while journaling through infertility or breast cancer, perhaps a tragedy in loss and grief. Have the winning argument in a legal saga with journaling through divorce.

Not all of us aspire to be screenwriters, bloggers or novelists, however writing our story is part of the therapeutic process. The influence of believing in pirates and fairies and rooting for the underdog, finding our happily ever after has been with us since we were children. Movies project our emotions, through journaling we write and read our experiences in order to believe in ourselves again and reclaim our magic.

Stories unite us, they are us.

Keep journaling, keep growing.

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