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With the Covid-19 virus in a full global pandemic, fears, disrupted travel plans and economic uncertainty can become overwhelming. Prevention is better than cure - the World Health Organization provides a practical way to stay safe:

We’ve compiled a list of activities if you are self-isolating so that you can keep your mind from overthinking, possibly making the fear of the disease worse. Similar to any self-care strategy, by taking care of ourselves first, we can provide assistance to others.


Start a virus journal. This will help you feel more in control of your own body and will prove valuable in the days to come even if you don't have any symptoms.




What is making the symptoms worse?

What is making the symptoms better?

Seek immediate medical attention if you exhibit the following symptoms:

If you are in isolation, not because you are infected but because of precautionary quarantine, journal down something utterly unrelated to the virus. Express your future hopes and make a plan on how to get there. Use this valuable time to evaluate your own existence. Share this with members of your household that are in quarantine too. Looking to the future with a positive outlook will prevent our minds from going into despair and overthinking.

Read a Book

Reading books is not only good for self-knowledge but also taps into our imagination. It takes us away from our current circumstances without leaving the house. By introducing new characters, stories and struggles, we illuminate our own circumstances. Perhaps there are some life skills that the main character used that you can apply.

Depending on your own situation, an audible book is also an excellent choice if reading is hard to do. Enlist a family member to read a book to everyone in the family who are at home. Discuss your findings and create a stronger bond with each other.

Stay up to date ONCE A DAY.

The way we use social media is often in an obsessive manner. Checking our feeds constantly for the latest updates on the virus can create more anxiety. Even though the virus is spreading rapidly and new measures are being put in place without notice, we can still choose to only update ourselves once a day.

It is of paramount importance to stay informed, but also to use common sense. Unfortunately, there are lots of misinformation available with unsubstantiated facts and unresearched opinions. These can make the outbreak worse by blaming certain products (beer) or groups of people. Our initial point is to take care of ourselves first so that we can be of service to others. By setting aside our personal preferences and egos and doing what is right for the community by washing our hands, social distancing and seeking medical help without judgement is the best way forward.

Cancelling a coveted non-essential trip, even if we don’t exhibit any symptoms is the prudent and responsible thing to do.

Clean-up with a purpose

Health is wealth. Listen to your own body and make an informed decision.

Isolation can be a great time to curb consumerism. Cleaning up, organizing and decluttering is an excellent way to keep our bodies busy so that our minds don’t run away in uncertainty. Combining practical and physical activity with a purpose helps to focus our attention on things that we can control.

I can control the environment that I am in right now, even if the outside is chaotic.

Create an inventory of things you really need to live vs overconsumption and wants.

How much of your living space is filled with plastics and other non-sustainable materials?

What would be the bare minimum that you need to survive?

What can be fixed, mended or repurposed?

Trying times like these have a way to bring us, as humanity, back to the basics. Basic principles of living, reconnecting to what is important to us while making a global impact with our small, but purposeful actions.

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.


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