Suicide Aftermath

Suicide : the act or an instance of taking one's own life voluntarily and intentionally. This statement doesn’t make known the mental state of the mind at the time of suicide, but one can carefully assume that despair and irrational thoughts were present.

Over the years, the view on suicide has changed a lot in some respects and not at all in others. In a secular society, the phrase death by/due to suicide has replaced the term committed suicide in order to steer away from the perceived judgement or other religious connotations.

Regardless of the phrasing, people left behind deal with more questions than they have answers for, let alone being guilt-ridden and doubts.

How did I not know that something was wrong?

How could this have happened, they seemed so happy?

Maybe I should have asked more questions or be more supportive.

Why didn’t they seek help?

How could they do this to us?

One Monday morning a group of high school friends were in disbelief to learn that a friend of theirs died from suicide. A trauma therapist was called in to debrief the students and reconstruct their thinking and the aftermath.

Through journaling, students reconstructed what they thought happened to her after her death.

They were asked to journal down how they would imagine her welcoming into the afterlife honouring her qualities and being positive. They journaled away and agreed that she‘ en met up with females of all ages at the bank of the river. The women took and cleaned her up nicely appreciative of nature’s abundance. Her body image got restored her mind at peace.

This restored portrait of their friend was to be used as the point of view whenever they felt overwhelmed by grief.

The students were encouraged to journaling their own mental health, to keep track of spiritual growth and explore support within reach.

With time and input from teachers and counselors, the tragic event and ripple effect of her death quieted down. Her unusual passing on became a turning point for everyone and a redirection for many.

About three years later, one of the friends volunteered as a bookkeeper for a local non-profit organization. When one of the directors came over to chat, he was overcome with sadness and explained that his daughter would have been a similar age had she not taken her own life. It turned out that the girl was indeed the same one from that Monday morning.

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

Journal through your own grief with: Journaling Through Loss & Grief

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