Ten positivity quotes to live by.

1. Speak the truth, but first to yourself.

2. It takes guts, resolution and commitment to let go of that which no longer serves you. 

3. Journal when you’re angry, journal when you’re frustrated, journal when the day feels like it has four million hours, whatever the mood, pick up a pen and write it down. 

4. Stop when you feel overwhelmed, the world can wait. 

5. Grow like you have everything that you need. Also, get enough sunshine and water. 

6. People will come and go, but the connection to ourselves is lasting. Make sure it’s a good one. 

7. Understanding emotions and why we need them is the first step to our higher selves. 

8. Self-improvement, self-care and self-understanding make the world a better place for everyone else. 

9. It’s never too late to make a decision, even if that decision is just how we feel about someone or something. 

10. Whenever I think that my contribution is too small to make a difference I remember that instant gratification is a scam, lasting, epic change takes consistent tiny steps.

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing!

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