The Empath's Guide to Divorce

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Journaling Through Divorce and Separation is a workbook that saves you money in legal fees. As an empath, before we step into our power, we could feel overwhelmed, trying to please everyone, including the lawyer and this could muddy our legal proceedings in order to receive a fair judgement.

As you’ll see in the journal, divorce is division of assets, nothing more, nothing less. The least amount of emotion and attachment we can have, the healthier we will come out of the divorce.

A couple of things to remember before you start legal proceedings:

1. Obtain your own copy of Journaling Through Separation & Divorce

2. Keep the journal in a safe place. You’ll be writing important information in it and don’t want it to fall in the wrong hands.

3. Make sure that before you start any legal proceedings that you and your children have a safe place to go to if things get rough.

4. Our focus is on the empath divorcing the narcissist. PLEASE do not use psychological terms like narcissism in any of your dealings, unless advised by your lawyer, back up by a professional, unbiased, third-party report. Even then be really careful to use terms interchangeably, regardless if you are an expert in narcissism.

5. One way to use this is to write down trends. For example, every time I would get a paycheck, my spouse would take my money. When I get a raise at work, my partner would increase my share of expenses or keep spending money from our joint account without my knowledge.

6. For now, it’s just really important to focus on YOU as the empath and not falling into traps set by the narcissist.

As a final reminder, this journal and post are for informational purposes and do not replace legal advice. I would like for you to be empowered even before the legal proceedings start so that you save money and get the settlement that you deserve!

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing

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