The Gift of Self

With the holidays right around the corner, eco-consciousness at an all-time high and consumerism seen for what it is, what is left to give?

In our home we follow a simple four gift recipe:

Something to READ

Something to WEAR

Something we WANT

Something we NEED

Incorporating an experience like a local sports game, craft session or family experience is a wonderful way to cut down on the single-use plastic “stuff”.

When my children were little, we taught them how to skate. I am still enthralled by the idea of strapping sharpened blades to shoes and just going for it on the hard, ice without regard for the law of gravity or forward momentum. Here we are, years later with the kids fully involved in ice-related sports and be reminded of my promise to them to learn how to skate.

Growing up, snow and minus temperatures were in short supply. Ask me to swim the ocean full of sharks and I’ll be the first one to take the plunge. Learning how to skate at a much later stage in life taught me some valuable life-lessons. Firstly, it’s never a bad idea to show your kids that they are better than you at something. Secondly, the moment I got into the groove and stopped stressing about falling, I glided like a very slow penguin on the ice. Lastly, I improved myself and it has been one of the best gifts that I could have given my family.

I made a point of going to the arena twice a week without them to increase my confidence and hone the skill of skating. They were elated when the winter season opened and I could successfully glide without holding onto the boards. There are no illusions that I want to make a career change to become a figure skater or hockey player, learning how to skate is a gift to myself and my family. We can plan winter getaways with skating incorporated, we bond on the ice and created a weekend tradition of hot chocolate after the workout.

Learning a new skill, working through some past challenges, removing toxic relationships, improving our physical wellbeing or starting a guided journal are all self-improvement gifts.

Journaling Challenge:

What simplistic gift of self-improvement have you placed on the backburner?

What would the perceived outcome be if you spent the time and effort towards this gift of self-improvement?

Who would benefit from the self-improvement gift?

Jot down a plan to implement this gift:

Happy Holidays!!!

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

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