The importance of a food journal in stressful times

I’m a stress-eater, always have been. You can tell when you looked at my photos when I was at my happiest, I was at my healthiest weight. I looked good, I felt good, and it showed. After immigration, I gained almost fifty pounds, after my first child was born, thirty. In-between, there were also very fortunate and abundant times. My wedding photos were rockin’, I worked out for eight months straight before the big day, and the lasting images prove the hard work paid off.

I am one of those people who do like to go to the gym, no matter what stage my body is in. However, I didn’t make that a priority after starting my business, so things got a little jiggly. “We are almost forty,” the comment came as a shock to even me when I uttered it, “every year we wait is a year too long. Let’s both get in shape.” Reluctantly my husband agreed, and we set off on our self-improvement. Things got shaky, and he lost almost sixty pounds in seven months with the help of a nutritionist and our family doctor. We wanted to ensure that we don’t fall into quick fixes or traps like I’ve done so many times in the past. My self-esteem took a hit, I didn’t lose the weight (not that I tried to be honest), and I started to feel very self-conscious. In Africa, it is a tradition that a man takes care of his wife. Therefore if she’s too skinny, it’s a sign of poverty; not dissimilar to royal cultures of old. So what was my mental block for not wanting to lose the extra pounds? It was all in my head, I had to work through some personal history and figure out why a mom that is squishable is preferable to a healthy, but skinnier one. We both use the app MyFitnessPal by Underarmour to track what we eat. It’s the physical manifestation of a food journal that allows for very exact and specific items. Like all journaling, the big reveal is showcasing decisions for what they are. With detailed data, I was able to see how much I was eating, and it allowed me to correlate that to my mood, triggers or mindset. Occasionally it was as simple as not making lunch a priority and being hangry by dinner. At moments of increased stress and anxiety, food is one of the first nourishments that swing the pendulum of balance. Either by eating too much or too little. Whether you follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs or Chakra philosophy, the foundation of health is proper nutrition. From personal experience and intense researched, we created the Healthy Body journal. When we connect our minds to our body, we embrace the holistic wellness principles of being aligned, no matter the circumstances.

To gain free access to this journal, sign up at digital platform, under Journaling Challenges - Healthy Body. Keep Journaling, Keep Growing.

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