The Modern Triad of Wellness

Three is the first number to which the meaning "all" was given. The Triad is the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end. ... This threeness or Triad has always been considered sacred–like oneness, duality, and all numbers–by its very properties and particular attributes.

The number three is considered the number of wisdom and harmony. It is also associated with communication, optimism and creativity. It is no wonder folklore, religion, and other traditions use this number as part of their rituals or divinities. Personally, I love learning about different cultures and traditions and below are a few that I found on my search for the number three before we get to my latest Triad of wellness invention:

  • There are only three primary colours: red, yellow and blue. All other colours can be made (white and black are considered shades in colour theory).

  • The Vikings, for example, used the symbol of three interlocking triangles called the Valknut, associated with the Norse god Odin. The Vikings believed that Odin would protect the dead warriors who died in his name and spent their afterlife in Valhalla.

  • In Japan and China, the cute hybrid creature called Baku has the power to eat nightmares! Baku is made up of many different animals, and nightmares go through its digestive system and are totally eliminated, leaving serenity in its place. For Baku's powers to work, you have to call out: "Eat, it, Baku!" three times.

  • According to the Popol-Vuh (ancient Mayan folklore), it took three attempts to create mankind. The first man was made of clay, but it was destroyed by a flood; the second man was made of wood but was washed away in a storm; the third was made from maize, from whom we are all descended.

  • n Roman mythology, the Moraes were also called the Fates. The first one, known as "the Spinner", spun the life web of the humans. The second, called "the Apportioner," decided how long each human was to live, and the third, "the Inevitable," cut the thread of life when it was time for someone to die.

  • Finally, in Greek mythology, the three brothers, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, were each the rules of their worlds: sky, sea and the underworld.

We refer to our modern-day wellness in terms of three also: body, mind and spirit. I would therefore like to add my own Triad of wellness:

Body: Yoga / Pilates

Mind: Journaling

Spirit: Meditation / Visualization

The triangle is the strongest geometric shape. Think pyramids! These shapes are tough to distort because of their fixed angles and ability to distribute force evenly to the other sides.

A friend of mine went to her regular yoga class while going through a difficult chapter in her life - divorce. She could slide in and out of most of the poses very easily; however, she kept falling over when she had to do a pyramid pose. The yoga instructor knew that she used to be able to do the pose without challenge. The instructor came within earshot of my friend and whispered: "when the rest of your life is in balance, you'd be able to do this pose."

She picked up her Journaling Through Divorce & Separation and gained control over this life-altering event. Her mind, through journaling, was now anchored to a "fixed angle," like a pyramid from where she could draw strength.

She found some online meditations and visualizations and anchored herself to find the answers within. She reconnected to that part of her that would form a solid foundation.

Lastly, she went back to the yoga studio. After balancing the rest of her life by actively investing time and effort into her own wellbeing for over a year, she was able to do the pyramid pose with confidence and strength. She was able to distribute the "force" ie. the inner light and strength evenly to her body, mind and spirit.

Whenever we feel out of balance, draw a picture of a triangle. Jot down some words that come to mind when you think of your own body, mind and soul. Which part needs some attention?

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