The Royal Wedding

While watching the Royal wedding we were all, in a sense reminded of the loss Harry experienced at a very young age. Over the year his grief must have been deepened by cruel speculations, conspiracies and often questioning his bloodline. How can a child live

with the uncertainty whether his mother was killed by the same hands that put him to bed? Later in his life, Prince Harry was criticized about his lifestyle and choices, accused of taking after his late mother (a harsh comment in itself), and being pushed back further in line to become the future King of England.

When we are born, we don’t get to choose where we live, who our parents are or who we surround ourselves with. Our lives are directed towards certain goals and expectations and this can become overwhelming, a perceived "life you never chose". When loss causes a void, we fill that with people and activities. In a sense, we choose our future destiny.    

However, once we become adults, we do have the ability to choose who we allow into our space, mentally, physically and spiritually. When we understanding our past, determine our triggers and become aware of how our historic experiences shape how we react to present circumstances, we can bring forth change. What we always have control over, and this comes with lots of practice, is how we react.

Back to the wedding, the guest list gives us a glimpse of a new energy:

  • The energy of being a human, in the legal and humanitarian sense, Amal Clooney.

  • George Clooney was so close to bringing home an Oscars. He never gave up until his acting and directing received a well deserved recognition. He brought the energy of determination.

  • HRH Megan and her Mother reflected the sorrows and hardships families go through. They brought the energy of strength in relationships.

  • The pastor and the Pope might perhaps hold different takes on how spirituality is delivered, but they both bring the energy of the message that love conquers all.

  • Princess Charlotte, cute and daring, brought childlike abundance and joy.

  • Oprah brought energy of care, outreaches to the underprivileged and standing in one’s own power.

  • David Beckham brought energy of teamwork and the message to take care of our physical bodies. Every new match has the potential to win!

The royal couple and their honored guests walked through the arch in memory of the late Princess Diana, rich in symbolism. The two pillars with flowers cascading sideways portrayed Prince William and Prince Harry with their loved ones. As I saw it, the arch above was an extension of lives that continue into the next dimension.

Journal down who you surround yourself with.

Who inspires you to be better, healthier and happier without making it into a competition or feeling down on yourself?

Are the people you decide to surround yourself with today willing to part with a hurtful past or willing to work together on a bright future?

When we choose to surround ourselves with uplifting energies and people, we expand our awareness of the divine within ourselves. Like a royal wedding of our bodies, minds and souls, we must now trust the process of our own energy to propel us towards where we are destined to deliver for the greater good of ourselves and mankind.

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