Three ways to become more aligned

Imagine for a moment that we align with the true oneness of all aspects of our lives. We are steadfast in our values, flexible in our approach to life and travel lightly. Our understanding of life is that we are co-creators of our own experiences. These sayings sound like a beautiful quote or mantra, only achievable by gurus. 

The good news is that we can use practical strategies, through guided journaling, to align ourselves. One entry, one day at a time. 

When we are in alignment the following holds: 

1. Our life kayak is on water, not sand. 

Have you ever tried to push a kayak through sand? That's what happens when we are out of alignment. Something that should float nicely downstream feels like an uphill battle from beginning to end. When we are aligned, obstacles are like rapids in the river, and we might need to use expert navigation to get around rocks and get back to calm water. However, when we are stranded, we can't even start to move forward. Our kayak is a vessel meant for forward-moving momentum towards our best selves. No matter how hard we try, we cannot turn sand and rock into a flowing body of water. If we choose to stay stuck in our environment that is unconducive to growth and alignment, we may end up pushing that kayak for a long while. 

Prompt: journal down a time where you felt (or still feel) like you're pushing your kayak through the sand. 

2. Balanced mind and feelings

Often we make decisions based on one or the other - feelings or thoughts. Alignment is when we can use both of those inner strengths and make an informed decision. What would be required to move the kayak to the body of water? Our gut might want us to pick up and leave and throw caution to the wind. We live on mantras and positivity quotes, right? Then our overthinking mind comes into play, wanting us to be safe without taking any risks and painfully calculating every step. 

Write down the following: 

My sand is: 

My kayak is stuck in the sand because:  

Risks of moving to the river: 

Risks of staying in the sand: 

3. Self-reliance 

Another reason why journaling is constructive to overall well-being is the ability to become self-sufficient in our alignment. The definition here differs from the traditional meaning of not relying on anyone, ever, instead, we rely on our ability to acquire the necessary resources to live aligned lives. We are confident in our resourcefulness to overcome obstacles. Kayaks are for one person, if we try to rescue others by bringing them onto ours, we sink to the bottom of the river, taking everyone with us. Instead, when we are aligned, we offer assistance, without climbing into another person's kayaks either. 

Jot down when you felt drained by trying to help someone out: 

What is the difference between supporting someone and rescuing them? 

How does my self-reliance inspire alignment? 

Every time we journal, take time to look inward, embrace a new perspective or continue to enrich ourselves with a healthy habit, we become more aligned. 

Keep Journaling, Keep Growing. 

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