Unplug to Reconnect

Taking time to disconnect around the holidays is a certainly a change from the norm. Little did I realize how fretful and confined I had become. The fear of losing or not increasing followers, missing that important trending hashtag and the panic stricken reliance on likes and shares or the declining power of my phone’s battery. How would Journaling Through outlast the busiest time of year by being “absent”? One resounding question, Why Now? Could I not have chosen another time that would be more appropriate?

Once I anchored myself every morning to my purpose, passion and ambition, the fears started to become more isolated. The moment my pen hit the paper, the composition of divinely guided ideas were overflowing from one journal to the next. Like a postcard to myself, every day was a new discovery from a spellbinding destination.

The question of why now transmuted into: If you can go against the grain when everything out there says to double up efforts over the holidays, and survive, then you’ve got this. Self-care and reflection to really make a difference cannot come from an overburdened, nervous energy. This energy will spill over onto all of your existence, virtually and physically.

So what have I learned?

  1. The sun still came up every morning.

  2. Healthy habits started to make a reappearance. I no longer checked my phone first thing in the morning or just before going to bed. A habit I have now solidified.

  3. I thought of what our followers were up to, without feeling the need to look at their profiles. The energy of seeing followers as real people and not just a number or metric in a database increased an awareness of being connected.

  4. My reliance on apps decreased, although my favourite coffee store app was still amazing with holiday specials. I looked outside and asked my family what they thought the temperature was. This year it was a choice between frostbite or building a snowman.

  5. The pace slowed down. My mind became clear and I had more energy at the end of the day, even though we entertained almost throughout the whole holiday season.

  6. I smiled more without thinking about selfies and filters. It was like seeing the world without needing to take a picture and sharing it. I could really just take in the moment, when my hair looked amazing, I just looked in the mirror and that was enough.

  7. We become more green. Really understanding my environment and the small changes I can make to live more environmentally conscious. By being unplugged, we were able to become much more aware of how much plastic is used in our daily lives.

  8. I discovered some wonderful local stores without finding it on maps or looking at reviews. There was time to window shop, chat to owners and make some wonderful connections.

  9. Increased time to listen. The conversations in our house, the sounds from outside, even the appliances became familiar sounds. It clear not only our minds, but also our bodies. Using our other sense, our eyes to see the colour of the snow, smelling the homemade delights of the season. We were inspired to reconnect to our surroundings in wonderful ways.

  10. In the evening moonlight, I journaled down the energy of the day specifically by being unplugged. This resulted in a peaceful sleep, calm mind and a spirit open to divine rejuvenation.

Our followers did not decline, we did not miss any hashtags trends that will make or break our business and our network actually increased. I did in fact double up on efforts by elevating my awareness, expanding self-reliance and readjusting my internal compass.

Technology is indispensable, it constructs bridges to people globally, spreads messages of hope and inspiration and when combined for the greater good, can make a monumental impact. I wouldn’t be able to share the message with as many people as I do now if it wasn’t for the advances in social media. Thus, we came up with this resolution:

Connect to our internal wonderworking and using technology responsibly.

May we all be reintroduced to our higher purpose and unequalled selves.

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