Valentine's Day journaling challenge

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this could bring lots of emotions ranging all the way from in love to depression. In all of our guided journals we focus on where you are at any given time. So for example if you’re dealing with loss or infertility, where are you mentally on Valentine’s Day?

The saying goes, the only thing to fear is fear itself. However I like to think that fear is a very powerful emotion and should be given its due respect. Physical Fear originally helped us survive as a species. Fight or flight, and easy reaction to imminent danger. So how dangerous is Valentine’s Day?

Mental Fear stems from our ego selves. That centre of our being that keeps us in our comfort zone. These fears are loneliness, rejection, putting yourself out there, humiliation and so on.

Spiritual fear could be based in religion although it can also be a way of saying that we fear not fulfilling our higher purpose. The reason we were put on this earth.

Luckily we always have a choice. So do you choose fear or love? Fear is a reminder that we have a decision to make. So yes, we don’t have to fear fear. We just need to decide if that is where we want our body, mind and soul to be or if we would like to choose love.

In your journal write down your decisions of today, were they out of fear or love? Journal down what you would like to make decisions based on... love or fear?

When we choose love side effects include freedom, increased self-esteem, positive body image, a calm mind and understanding divine timing for our purpose.

The choice is always yours!

Keep journaling, keep growing!

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