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Updated: Mar 18

“Writing, journaling, etc. offer a unique form of perspective that doctors have long confirmed to be incredibly helpful for mental health. It helps organize thoughts and provides a place to put emotions which may not be welcome. Writing is a powerful defence which took me about twenty years too long to pick up again.”

Marie Shanley,

author of Well That Explains It.

When classmates made fun of her diary entries mourning the death of a defenceless animal, she shied away from one of the only places that she could let her feelings flow without judgement. If others judged her writing, should she also judge her emotions this harshly? Fear and uncertainty, coupled with depression in a toxic environment proved, at times, to be an insurmountable feat.

In her debut Memoir, Marie explores all aspects of the journey to adulthood with mental illness. This engaging, raw and well-researched publication delves into childhood trauma and its aftereffects, through the personal experiences of a young woman. Complicated family dynamics, immigration and lack of mental health care were just some of the challenges she faced.

Societal norms, stigmas surrounding anti-depressants and other prescription medication formed the basis of her goal -

to shine a light on the subjects often not talked about. Interwoven therapy sessions, Disney movies and a supportive partner, Marie takes the reader on a practical, yet emotional path to recovery and empowerment.

Writing a letter to her younger self, as well as other journaling methodologies, Marie implores everyone to keep writing. Revisiting her previous poems, scribbles and journal entries has brought perspective and clarity, without fear or judgement.

Marie gave herself permission to heal and take inventory of her relationships to manifest the life that she knew she wanted. Without resorting to quick-fix positivity mantras or pop-culture’s take on mental resilience, instead, she focuses on authenticity, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Journaling gives meaning to words. As an empath, Marie has brought forward a compilation writing of memories, exposure and significance. Her words provide a voice to a new movement of acceptance, understanding in the mental health field.

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