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I believe that we really are stronger as a community when we support each other, share ideas and businesses that make the world better. I also love learning about people, what inspire them and how they got started in business. Rose Olesen and Judy van Rhijn, owners of Best Breast Vest Co. created a comfy, quick on-and-off external breast prosthesis that doesn't put pressure on scars or rashes! You can wear it over any top to look & feel like yourself again. It's much lighter than the traditional mastectomy bra & prosthesis and you can even tuck your phone into one of the two front pockets. Pressure from bands and straps on scars and rashes hurts. The vest doesn’t put pressure on these two places.

With the recent switch to online shopping, it might be challenging to find a place to do proper fittings. Luckily, with the vest, you don't need a fitting! Another upside is that the vest is available sooner than a traditional prosthesis and you can order it from the safety and privacy of your own home.

How did the business get started?

It began by Judy modifying vests purchased at thrift shops. This allowed us to try out a variety of vest style, colours and closure at an affordable price. Once we had a list of the features that we thought necessary we created 20 vests of our own from 100% cotton and gave those free of charge to women with single and double mastectomies who had agreed to answer questions for us in both written and interview forms.

How does this product contribute to the wellness and self-care industry?

Our product is something new in the self-care industry. We think it’s terrible that until us, no company had addressed a woman’s need for a reliable prosthesis soon after surgery. Why was it OK to expect women to go around with a sock in their bras while going to and from appointments, making the school run or being back at work? Some women work through parts of their treatment regime. To all these women, Best Breast Vest Co. says, “We’ve got your back."

Best Breast Vests are made in North America of inputs from North America. That reflects something we hope to achieve with taking this idea to market: lifting up those around us.

Is there a personal story behind your business?

In June 2018, Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she prepared for a mastectomy, she tried to get fitted for a mastectomy bra and prosthesis and found that nobody would undertake that until 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, leaving her lop-sided for the first few months. Being a seamstress, she came up with a vest with internal pockets as a practical solution.The response from the hospital staff was so enthusiastic that she asked her friend Rose to help her develop the idea into a business.

A thoughtful gift:

This is a practical and thoughtful gift for a group of friends to give their friend who has breast cancer. Every time a woman puts it on she will remember those who gave it to her and it’s like getting a hug from them.

Where can people learn more about your business and order the vest?

Website: www.BestBreastVestCo.com

Our general email bestbreastvest@gmail.com

Facebook @bestbreastvestco

Instagram @bestbreastvestco

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bestbreastvestco/

Twitter @bestbreastvest

Pinterest @bestbreastvestco


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