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Force of Nature sent me this starter kit and asked if I could review it after reading my eco-friendly blog post on The Straw that Killed the Whale. I'm passionate about eco-friendly, no-plastic alternatives to decrease my own carbon footprint and get closer to nature.

Also, I have a love for small appliances and anything to do with science. So when I read that it has both - I had to say yes!

The started kit was so easy to use and according to my children, it smells like a swimming pool (in a good way). I've sprayed it on all the containers when they come back from the grocery store, backpacks from school, doorknobs and handles! If you're the mood to sanitize and feel good about your choice, I'd recommend checking this product out.


  • Easy to use

  • Eco-friendly

  • Kid safe

  • No harsh chemicals


  • Tablets is recyclable (would have been nice to be compostable)


Did you know that 40% of adults & 30% of children in the US have allergies? May is peak allergy season, which is why it's National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Now is the perfect time to educate your followers about how chemicals in traditional cleaners can trigger allergies & asthma. And provide relief with our new codes

  • SPRING30: 30% off + free shipping on Starter Kits

  • SPRING40: 40% off + free shipping on Bundles

Force of Nature is the only multi-purpose cleaning product that contains no harmful allergens or irritants and is also an EPA-registered disinfectant. Plus, it's 100% skin-safe & best for sensitive skin by the Mayo Clinic's allergy rating system.

  • Research shows the effect of regular cleaning product use is as bad for our lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day - and that's in adults!

  • ​The American Lung Association recommends using only cleaning products that don't have volatile organic compounds, fragrances, irritants or flammable ingredients.

  • According to the CDC, QUATs & bleach can cause allergies in people who have never had them before!


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For the full review and instructions, please watch this video:


If you use this link to buy your product, I will receive a small commission:

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