What is Guided Journaling?

Have you ever started a journal, much like a New Year’s resolution just to get tired and bored by February? Life gets in the way and we tend to find a whole lot of excuses not to continue. The result: feeling like a failure or worse, giving up before we reap the benefits of our resolution.

Journaling Through was created as a series of guided self-help journals. Self-help books have dominated the market for decades and are very inspirational. They provide us with stories of other people’s insights into difficult life situations, how to better ourselves and offers ideas on managing a plethora of topics.

With that in mind, guided journaling is YOUR STORY. Every page of the book is about you. Unlike a blank page that could be overwhelming, especially in a time of a life-altering event, a guided journal helps put the thoughts together in a coherent manner. Not feeling like a specific order? You can always skip ahead and work on the section that is more relevant to where you are in your journey. It’s all contained in one journal, so your thoughts and insights are close at hand when it is time for self-reflection.

When I discussed the idea for the journals with my amazing friend C, she mentioned that she just bought a whole bunch of journals for her team at work. She specifically remembers trying out a gratitude journal, however, after the third day, you become thankful for the same things over and over again. With no two exercises or prompts the same, guided journaling aims to keep moving the process forward.

At the core of Journaling Through we aim to help people when faced with a difficult life experience. It was created with input from experts in the medical, psychology and legal fields. Although we do not claim to cure cancer, make the hurt from the loss of a loved one disappear or bring couples back together when they consider divorce, we would like to make the path a bit easier.

Artwork done by Vivienne enhances these journals with accompanying quotes to inspire you every time you start a new chapter. Watercolour painting has been one of my favourite type of art forms since, well, forever. My mom always said that kids will grow up with the eyes in which they were raised. With paintbrushes and beautiful artwork always on the walls, how can I not feel inspired and feel a sense of home?

Start your guided journaling today!

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