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Updated: Apr 14

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A guided journal for women who struggle with infertility
Journaling Through Infertility


I created this journal during my own struggles with infertility. I felt jealous every time a baby shower invitation arrived in my mailbox, I feared that my partner will leave me for someone else who could get pregnant. Sound familiar?

It had a huge impact on my life, I started to think that something was wrong with me and that my body was somehow against me. Obsessively I looked at every website, every old-wives tale and honestly, it was becoming exhausting.

Something had to be done, so I created this journal with the aim of reconnecting my body, mind and spirit with the end result: Loving myself for exactly who I am.

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The ultimate pregnancy guide
Journaling Through Pregnancy


Pregnancy truly is a magical time in every woman’s life. I wished that I had a pregnancy journal with my first. Well-intentioned (or at least I hope they were) people would offer advice and instructions during pregnancy as well as in those first few months of having a newborn. This completely freaked me out, I was suffering from post-partum with a very limited support system.

If only I had figured out a lot of the issues that surfaced before the baby was born, I would have been in a much better state to deal with all the pressures of being a new mom.

In collaboration with the incredible Jade Karling Black, we created this journal with love, compassion and insight so that you can feel empowered and grounded during pregnancy as well as the first few months with baby and beyond.

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Career mom guided journal
Journaling Through for Working Moms

Working Moms

Let’s chat mom guilt, pressure, career aspirations and wiping dirty bottoms with limited amounts of sleep. Add another child to the mix and the effort is not doubled, it’s exponential! My friend Jane Henley and I went to high school together after which both of us immigrated to different continents! We reconnected after the dawn of social media and was able to work through some of life’s most challenging times as moms and wives. Although we were oceans apart, as young mothers trying to build careers, we faced some of the same challenges: Me Time, exhaustion, unlimited opinions from others and our own passions.

We created a journal for working moms to celebrate the small and the big, practical self-care and cheerleading all the amazing efforts that come with motherhood. Whether you are a single-mom, married or "it's complicated", this journal is for you!

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